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Located in the coastal area of Beirut, the Beirut Exhibition Center which designed by L.E.E.T Architects is classic modern cultural building situated in the waterfront area of Lebanon. The design perfectly responds to the “ever-changing” venue, and brings the picture of the city skyline a new gorgeous image. Its high-level architecture culture and ever-changing design of curtain wall have won admiration of professional designers and publics.


Coming with the completion and put into use of the Beirut Exhibition Center, more and more international projects came into Beirut and help Beirut build up cooperation with many international cultural institutions. Visiting the exhibition center and experiencing the ideological journey of civilization, which has become a unique local tourism project.

贝鲁特展览馆入选了Lakov Chernikhov国际奖前十佳,被建筑实录杂志评选为2010年先锋设计。几乎同时期,又获得了“Core77Design Award 2011”视觉设计奖亚军。

In 2010, Beirut Exhibition Center was chosen as the top ten of international award Lakov Chernikhov and awarded as pioneer design 

of 2010 by Architecture Record Magazine. 2011, it won the visual design award runner-up in Core 77 Design Award.


The effect of Beirut Exhibition Center's facade looks like water wave and it brings the natural ecological environment of the coastal area into architectural form and space shaping. It realizes the original concept of ever-changing construction and soul of the architecture.

WILLSTRONG ®镜面铝复合板的成功应用,很好地展现了铝复合板卓越的质轻、结构安全、成型多样、表面处理独特等性能,同时使镜面铝复合板物得其用的技术也鼓舞着建筑师、设计师、工程师和业主在未来的设计和建筑中更好地运用可持续和环保的建筑理念。

The aesthetics of the facade, achieved by WILLSTRONG® Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel, in return, demonstrate the excellent lightness, structural safety, versatility and unique surface of Aluminum Composite Panel. And it has been encouraging architects, designers, engineers and owners to keep applying the sustainable and environment friendly architectural ideas into their design and construction in the coming future.


建筑师(Architect):L.E.F.T建筑事务所/L.E.F.T Architects

建筑分类(Building Category):文化建筑/Cultural Architecture

建筑环境(Building environment):临海/seafront
幕墙覆盖产品(Curtain wall covered products):WILLSTRONG®镜面铝复合板(板厚4mm,无缝干挂施工工艺)
/WILLSTRONG® mirror aluminum composite board (thickness 4mm, seamless dry hanging construction process)




普汇中金国际中心 (CIC) 为普汇中金国际控股有限公司旗下商业写字楼项目,总建筑面积约55,000平方米,楼高25层并设有约450个停车位。