2017-04-14 14:39:00


April, starting from origami paper folding. A piece of plain paper, folded by designer with tens of thousand shapes, can surprise people by its amazing colors, light, “why it is so mysterious”. Unconsciously, WILLSTORNG® series products, attract designers’ eyes, which redefine understanding on color and light.

Create the  Difference 创造不同


The designers make a brave attempt to realize 3D effect inspired by origami. It makes facades breaking the limitation of traditional image of building, much more free, bold and young.


“stereoscopic facades with changeable color” are achieved with White Gold(6315) of ACP, Quartz-Zinc & Azengar Zinc-Al composite panel, which create the marvelous visual effect with this innovative folding. It appears amazing colors under sunshine, sometimes silver-green, sometimes white-gold, fashionable and lively, which likes the sparkly firefly dotted the beauty of the night, achieving of the perfect combination of light and shadow.  The reason is that its facade uses a special aluminum composite panel "Chameleon White Gold(6315)",reflecting the different colors and dazzling light, exposing architectural characteristics of the times and the beauty of the materials.


This design idea and style has begun to affect the Nirvana and rebirth of Theaters, gymnasiums, commercial centers and other landmark projects.

edefined 重新定义


The fusion and application of light from different colors and different dimensions make the building appeared rich and tension, and the combination of point and surface highlights the " flowing lines " of the building.


Each panel is unique and fabricated precisely and numbered, which determine the correct installation location. Pure white, Bronze metallic, Sky blue three colors, quite but not lose elegance. From Pure white, Bronze metallic to Sky blue, different shades transform the color of the reflected in people's eyes, give unlimited possibilities to the building facade.


We Love colorful flower field only for belief in all efforts, "to touched time with beauty".  WILLSTRONG® gives the design richness and germinates the inspiration of “ Colorful wall”. 


In April, Canton Fair is coming, tread the spring in the leisurely pace. Expect to encounter with you in the Canton Fair, meet the dream weavers of us.