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"CHINABOND"-China Aluminum Composite Panel Certified by CSTB

2021-04-13 14:31:45 Charle de Gaulle Airport terminal 2E was re-opened in 2008, four years after the collapse of part of its corridor. To ensure future safety, the airport finally decided to demolish and rebuild the entire corridor that had collapsed. WILLSTRONG ACP/fr, certified by French CSTB, was finally approved and selected by the airport after experiencing fierce competition with many world-known brands. Due to its excellent performance, WILLSTRONG ACP/fr left a deep impression on the designers and engineers during the on-site processing and installation of the airport, which make them unanimously call WILLSTRONG ACP as CHINABOND. Because aluminum composite panel has...


Modular Customization Service-AISG Science City Campus Upgrade and Renovation

The project is located at No. 19 Kexiang Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. There is a beautiful school—AISG (American International School) Science City Campus. Surrounded by green hills and green grass, it reveals the artistic beauty of this building. The campus upgrading project is one of the largest projects in the 38 years since the establishment of AISG. With the help of the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it is like a cultural communication palace integrated with nature, permeating academic, scientific, and educational breaths. The glory of civilization. The project combined with the needs of the built environment, after multiple evaluations...


Art Journey, Start Again-Appreciation of Successful Cases of Classic Engineering Projects in 2019

In 2019, Window of the Future has successfully completed many works, including airports, commercial plazas, medical buildings, hotels, 5G industries, etc. Through inspiration and creativity, scheme planning, and implementation, we will realize the best works of customers and work together to create a better future.


Wanmu in the jungle | Feel the life and temperature of the earth

In a city full of passion and speed People's yearning for feeling nature is growing stronger Returning to nature has become the most true desire of urbanites for life Back to nature Keep everything simple Imitation wood grain color shows a natural decoration atmosphere Give people a feeling of comfort and relaxation From texture to color Maintain the original color of the wood Let people have the pleasure of being in nature Interpret the concept of being close to nature in a limited space At the same time, make the room look clean and tidy It can avoid the eye damage caused by too many gorgeous colors Simple yet generous Wood grain is a life feature given to trees by...

以色列ZACH仓1 850x495

Zach facade - the art of WILLSTRONG chameleon 3D facade

2018-03-28 12:26:26 We are grateful for Mr. Hann’s photographs of his project ZACH, especially his expression of that the facade effect is far greater than his expectation. The ZACH project is located in Haifa,Israel. The main front wall is covered with WILLSTRONG 3D shaped RTI ACP in color of 6314/chameleon blue. WILLSTRONG® Chameleon ACP can present spectra colors. It makes building facade more vivid and visually attractive. According to the drawings provided by the client, WILLSTRONG skilled design team designed several optional renderings, and finally won the favor of the client with the 3D chameleon solution. Factory fabrication achieve excellent tolerance...