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About Us

Do not forget the original intention, and seek the future road together


On the afternoon of June 24, 2022, the second and fourth membership meeting of the Guangdong Sign Industry Association was grandly held at the Holiday Inn Nanhai, Foshan. More than 500 elites gathered together to participate in the industry event. Our company also sent representatives to participate in this industry event.



Guangdong Sign Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "GSIA") is approved and registered by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. The association is a communication platform for uniting relevant enterprises, scientific research and academic institutions in the industry to build a sign system planning, design and production, technology and material exchange; it provides the professional level of sign information and sign design in Guangdong Province, and promotes the industry and international counterparts. Cooperation to promote the economic development and social progress of the sign industry in Guangdong Province.



Logo products are the "eyes" of a city, and the window of the future brings dawn and hope to this eye. GSIA is also a platform to escort the "eyes" of the city, and its development is also taking off from the "window of the future", looking at China and the world.


Thousands of tall buildings rise from the ground. Looking back on July 28, 2017, GSIA organized more than 200 elites to gather in Shunde, Foshan City. Among them, more than 50 technical experts participated in the "Window of the Future" Cup in the first Guangdong Province Signing Industry Vocational Skills Competition. This competition is named by Guangzhou Future Window New Materials Co., Ltd. with a total cost of 100,000 yuan. It is this sponsorship fee that promotes the take-off of GSIA, and has since entered the fast lane of providing services to the industry. Promote the healthy development of the sign industry.



The first "Window of the Future" Cup Guangdong Signing Industry Vocational Skills Competition promoted the technical players in the industry to improve their skills in four aspects: acrylic bonding process, light-transmitting film mounting process, luminous character assembly process, and argon arc welding process. level, and promote the upgrading of skills throughout the industry. As the general title unit of this competition, our company attaches great importance to this competition, and sent 6 product and marketing colleagues led by marketing director Zhang Junhui to participate in the event on behalf of the company, and exhibited integrated products and applications of aluminum composite panels for logo advertising Technology: widened 2000mm custom board, UV process custom board, self-cleaning outdoor advertising board, foam advertising board, etc.



Now, GSIA has started from the "Window of the Future" Cup in the first Guangdong Signing Industry Vocational Skills Competition, and has held industry summits in various places. The Window of the Future has grown into an industry platform for industry communication along the way. , and also achieved the consistent goal of mutual consultation and win-win, and seek a common future for the industry.