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About Us

Rose Gold | The Ansion Building in Pakistan brings together the world's fashionable colors


Rose gold, a color that makes girls cry.

Apple applied it to the mobile phone shell, and the mobile phone was out of stock for a while, even a machine was hard to find.

LV applied it to the backpack, making the backpack popular all over the world and become a masterpiece.


The rose gold series has been successfully applied to the products by many well-known brands, and has become a clear stream in the commercial field in recent years. The design masters have adopted it in succession and applied it to all walks of life.

The Ansion, a model of successful application of rose gold in the field of architecture
A building is art in the designer's mind.

How to make a building live? This is the goal that the design masters diligently pursue.
In addition to modeling design and material selection, it is the unique use of color. Because the color outlines not only the freshness and colorfulness in the sun, but also the brilliance of the selected color in the neon light. Between light and dark, the color is applied properly, just like the dragon of "finishing touch", which makes a building come alive quietly.

The Ansion Architectural Rendering

At the request of Pakistani customers, Windows of the Future transferred satisfactory rose gold color to make the world's popular fashion colors gather in The Ansion Building, and its effect is amazing.

The Ansion Building Real Picture Display under Neon Light

Rose gold color, the choice of "finishing touch"

To ensure the true presentation of the Ansion architectural effect picture, the team of Windows of the Future selected 5720 rose gold aluminum composite panels from rose gold illusions, rose gold wire drawing, rose gold light colors and other rose gold colors.

In addition to color selection, the pre deep processing of aluminum composite plates and shapes has also won the trust of customers. According to the size of the design drawings, a series of processing procedures such as corner bending and bending have been carried out, and combined packing has been carried out.

A building is a work, and the perfect presentation of a work requires the hard work of all teams. When it stands on the busy streets and becomes a local landmark and a place for tourists to punch cards, it is full of sense of achievement that can live up to the years of fame.

The Ansion, a window of the future in Pakistan, has also added a strong fashionable color to the world in the field of architecture.