About Us

About Us

Wanmu in the jungle | Feel the life and temperature of the earth

In a city full of passion and speed

People's yearning for feeling nature is growing stronger

Returning to nature has become the most true desire of urbanites for life

Back to nature

Keep everything simple

Imitation wood grain color shows a natural decoration atmosphere

Give people a feeling of comfort and relaxation


From texture to color

Maintain the original color of the wood

Let people have the pleasure of being in nature

Interpret the concept of being close to nature in a limited space

At the same time, make the room look clean and tidy

It can avoid the eye damage caused by too many gorgeous colors

Simple yet generous


Wood grain is a life feature given to trees by nature


It is also this irregular texture

That makes the patterns of wood interesting

WILLSTRONG imitation wood grain art aluminum square pass is not only exquisite texture

And it's so evocative

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