Self-cleaning board

本頁圖片/檔案 - 圖片6Nano-coated surface is another pioneering work in the development of aluminum composite panels. Nano-coating not only promotes the degradation of organic matter on the surface, but also its strong hydrophobicity makes the dust and stains on the surface easily washed away by rain. The self-cleaning board therefore has excellent properties such as self-cleaning, weather resistance, stain resistance, mildew resistance, and algae resistance, and thus ensures the specific longer-term use efficiency of the product.





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Main Performance:

Test Item



Smooth, Gloss

Coating Thickness



Up to 85%

Pencil Hardness


Impact Resistance

50Kg·cm(No Cracking )

Flexibility Resistance


Boiling Water Resistance

98±2℃×2 Hours

Salt Fog

5%NaCl×35℃×1000 Hours, no change

Solvent Resistance

MEK Wipe 150 Times back and forth, no aluminum exposed

Acid Resistance

5%HCl×48 Hours, no coating change

Alkali Resistance

5%NaOH×48Hours, no coating change

Oil Pen resistance

Draw on the panels with mark pen, clean it with soft cloth and  lightly, and there is no trace leave on the panels.

Other mechanical properties are similar to products with normal PVDF coating.


Products Spec

Standard thickness


Optional thickness

3mm, 5mm, 6mm

Standard width

1220mm, 1250mm

Optional witdth

1500mm, 1525mm, 1575mm

Standard length

2440mm, 3200mm

Optional length

max length 8000 mm

Note: Other customized sizes can be negotiated specifically