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New force: Extreme Captivation-135th Canton Fair

Jun 06, 2024

Every season, every month holds its own unique beauty, but the most enchanting of all is the vibrant springtime. In this season of unparalleled beauty, the members of WILLSTRONG International Business Division are brimming with confidence. With a passion that matches the blooming scenery, they actively organized and participated in the 135th Canton Fair, ensuring that the winds of innovation howl through the springtime. 

Colorful Facades

3D Light Effect Facades

At the 135th Canton Fair, WILLSTRONG showcased "Essence and Innovation" as its theme, exhibiting both "Colorful Facades" and "3D Light Effect Facades," along with its independently designed WSH-208 curtain wall installation system and newly completed projects. Over the course of five consecutive days at the exhibition, the new products, facades, and systems were highly favored by a wide range of customers, leading to detailed discussions and exchanges.

Colorful Facade: Symphony of Colors

"Colorful Facade," like a feast of colors, gives a new life to aluminum composite panels, fully showcasing the rich palette of colors they possess, providing more possibilities and flexibility in choice. The color selection of "Colorful Facade" is derived from the primary colors of pigments, blue and yellow, supplemented by white and gray, along with triangular block designs, which collectively exhibit infinite creativity and vitality, forming a natural exchange between the four colors. Blue is a vast color, often evoking associations with the sky and the sea, symbolizing eternity. Yellow, inherently warm and hopeful, shares joy and wisdom. White symbolizes the purity of nature and noble character, creating images of sophistication, technology, and sanctity. Gray conveys elegance and nobility, presenting a sense of stability and harmony. White and gray complement each other, creating an atmosphere of elegance and stability. Furthermore, the choice of triangular blocks conveys a natural stability and infinite energy. 

"Colorful Facade," through pure colors, plate shapes, and lines combined with patterns formed by free assembly, is enough to express a product concept, making it a visually distinctive and recognizable communication image. From now on, the facade is no longer a monotonous surface but a vibrant artistic canvas full of vitality.

3D Light-Effect Facade

The exhibition of the "3D light-effect facade" has endowed the building with a brand new life and spirituality. Our client opted for our "3D light-effect facade" design scheme, which was ultimately implemented and completed. This facade utilizes the precise coloring technology of continuous pre-rolled coating on aluminum composite panels. A custom-made pearlescent white gives the entire building facade a fresh look, as if it were a dance of the building's soul. Additionally, the facade is adorned with 3D modeling, enhancing its expressiveness and making the building more identifiable.

The chosen square grid layout carries the company's professional spirit and future commitment. They are not just a part of the building but also accurately represent the client's company culture of integrity, professionalism, and safety, embodying endless aspirations for a bright future.

The convergence of customized colors and the shapes of panel grids imbued with meaning represents a fulfillment of promises, perpetuating eternity.

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