Steel Composite Panel
Steel Composite Panel

Steel Composite Panel

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Steel Composite Panel


WILLSTRONG® SCP, built from rust or corton steel and a non-toxic core, features a unique color pattern, unmatched by other metals or coatings. Its introduction enhances our product range and expands design possibilities for architects and customers.

The steel composite board is mainly made of rust or Corton steel as the surface material and non-toxic core material through high continuous high temperature hot pressing composite. Like the titanium-zinc composite board, the unique surface color pattern of the steel composite board or Corton steel is difficult to match with other metal materials or coating processes. The emergence of steel composite panels not only enriches the company's metal composite panel products, but also provides architects and customers with more design space. 

Steel Composite Panel
Products Spec
Standard SizeOptional thicknessOptional WidthOptional LengthStainless steel panel
1200  * 2440 * 4mm3mm, 5mm, 6mm980mm, 1220mm≤ 5600 mm0.3mm, 0.4mm
Note: Other customized sizes can be negotiated specifically
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Self-Clean & Stain-Resistant
    Self-Clean & Stain-Resistant
  • Antistatic & Antibacterial
    Antistatic & Antibacterial
  • Advanced Weatherproofing
    Advanced Weatherproofing
  • Exceptional Flatness
    Exceptional Flatness
  • Unmatched Rigidity
    Unmatched Rigidity
  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance
    Exceptional Corrosion Resistance
  • Unique Color & Texture
    Unique Color & Texture
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